The quality of the air we breathe at work is a fundamental concern for both employees and employers. In a changing world, where work arrangements are evolving, the focus on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has never been more critical.

Poor IAQ poses multifaceted risks. Legal obligations, workers’ compensation claims, increased insurance premiums, and reputational damage are just a few challenges that companies may face if IAQ is not addressed proactively. 

QiTek offers a comprehensive IAQ solution that aligns with your duty of care. Our real-time monitoring, cloud reporting, and flexible pricing options make safeguarding your employees’ well-being effortless.

AI Powered Insights & Reporting

We leverage AI to analyse data and produce regular operational assessments plus Executive Reports, which serve as solid proof of IAQ and compliance with duty of care. Reports can be customised.

Commercial Grade Sensors

QiTek’s sensors are commercial grade and meet the international RESET Air standard, monitoring a wide range of Data. Standard sensors measure Temperature, Humidity, PM10, PM2.5, CO2, TVOC, HCHO (Option O3).

Cloud Connectivity and Dashboards

Provides full monitoring via Real time Dashboards and Critical alerts, running on a highly scalable and secure cloud system.  Easily compare IAQ across different areas. Integrates with most Building Management Systems.

Risk Mitigation

Long-term IAQ data serves as crucial evidence for workers’ compensation claims and legal disputes, potentially lowering insurance premiums and protecting against financial losses.

Productivity Gains

Maintaining good indoor air quality can lead to remarkable productivity gains through improved focus and less absenteeism (Source: Economic, Environmental and Health Implications of Enhanced Ventilation in Office Buildings – Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Nov 2015).

Customisable Configuration

  • Bespoke dashboards
  • Wall mount or free-standing sensors.
  • Advanced sensor pack adds CO, NO2, O3 or other elements as required

Affordable Pricing

Low upfront costs and a very affordable 36 or 48 month service tailored to your business needs.

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