Distribution Opportunities including in-country manufacturing

QiTek encourages Distributors to engage in in-country manufacturing, as this can:

  • Create local employment
  • Reduce supply chain dependencies on imported products
  • Support local supply chains
  • Reduce shipping and import costs
  • Minimise the impact of currency fluctuations
  • Attract government support

QiTek supplies the core technology and the Distributor engages partners to perform fabrication and assembly.

Our in-country production kits for air purifiers will typically include the Design License, electronics, software, Hydroxyl lamps, fan and filter elements. The CAD and Data files are included as machine ready, for laser cut, or CNC punch and fold, allowing the metal casing, plastic front panels, hardware, cabling, packaging and manuals to all be produced locally.

    Contact details

    International   + 61 2 4088 8881
    Australia           1300 484 835;
                               1300 4QITEK

    Typical Applications

    Aged Care Facilities

    Recent issues have shown the devastating effects of a virus spreading unchecked through an aged care facility. Air Purifiers that produce Hydroxyls can provide 24 x 7 protection for our most vulnerable, as well as protecting staff and visitors. QiTek Air Purifiers are effective not only for the current threat, but also for future strains, plus other regularly occurring issues, such as influenza, bacteria, bushfire smoke and odours.

    Office Environment

    Multi-storey office buildings provide a huge challenge for minimising the spread of pathogens. Daily, hundreds of people will traverse narrow pinch points, enabling easy aerosol spread of pathogens, as well as being exposed to common physical touchpoints such as handles and buttons in elevators, conference rooms and shared kitchens. A fleet of Qitek Air Purifiers can easily be managed via the cloud system to provide maintenance coverage during the day and automatic, deep cleaning modes at night.

    Food Preparation

    Food preparation areas present a unique challenge, connecting two groups of people, both from high traffic areas, coupled with the challenges of a hot, humid environment which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. A constant flow of Hydroxyls is ideal for maintaining the safety of customers and staff while reducing the risk of bacterial outbreaks.

    Educational Facilities

    Classrooms and lecture theatres are often cramped and windowless, relying on recirculated air. Classmates often come from diverse regions across a city, with many arriving via public transport, to then sit together for extended periods. QiTek Indoor Air Quality Sensors can monitor conditions, provide warnings of elevated parameters, and automatically control Air Purifiers to remove pathogens and particulates and restore air quality balance.

    QiTek Group Advantages

    Simplified Designs

    The products have been specifically designed so that almost no tooling is required, meaning production facilities can rapidly commence production and with low capital outlay. The design is also geared towards simplifying assembly and maintenance. No specialised tools are required for either activity.

    We use a common electronic controller (PCB) and software across all the products. A simple configuration setting allows the PCB to be set for each type of product. The LCD module is also common between products, reducing stock costs and support requirements.

    Cloud System

    Once connected to the QiTek Group Cloud Services, a sensor and an Air Purifier combine to make a powerful closedloop system for air treatment. Our software algorithm considers not only the air quality parameters of the environment, but also weather, atmospheric pressure and externally measured air quality parameters.

    When a Distributor deploys QiTek Group products via their sales network, they have control over how the cloud data is displayed and who has access. It is a powerful management tool for monitoring and managing small networks, up to very large enterprise systems, with remote control, performance and maintenance. QiTek Group provide full support for the Cloud service.

    Importantly, the Cloud service enables additional revenue streams for the dealer network.

    Our system protects user privacy primarily by not collecting personal information in the first place – we only store air quality information. In addition, each device has a unique password and all communications are secured by strong data keys.

    The cloud system is enterprise grade, is deployed on AWS servers and can be scaled to handle millions ofdevices.


    Distributors can use QiTek Group branding or develop their own to suit local conditions (with QiTek Group acknowledgment).

    IP Transfer

    Following successful deployment of kit-based production, we have the further option of an IP transfer to enable complete in-country manufacturing and assembly.

    Reduce Manufacturing Costs

    Licence fees are negotiable based on production volumes. Through payment of an upfront Licence Fee, Distributors can choose to lower their ongoing cost of production kits.

    Local Benefits

    Production of QiTek Group products is intended to generate employment in fabrication, assembly, testing, packaging, quality control, marketing, sales and ongoing support.

    Ongoing Technology Development

    Qitek Group is committed to creating world leading IoT and Cloud Services and has an extensive, ongoing product road map.

    The choice of using local branding

    A route to an IP transfer for complete in-country manufacturing

    Third party escrow agreements for source code and system design

    An upfront license fee which provides an ongoing reduced manufacturing cost

    Contact us today to find out how to become a Distributor

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    Australia 1300 484 835
    1300 4QITEK