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QiTek Group’s custom Smartphone App will display all of the information collected by any Qitek Group sensor and can easily switch between multiple sensors.

The App can also be used to pair a sensor with an Air Purifier Unit by simply scanning a QR code and entering the local Wi-Fi details.


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The App can display live data from the sensor or show historical data and trends. It will show comparisons between what the sensor has recorded, and readings external to the building, showing the user how their indoor environment compares to the outside environment. The external readings are gathered from publicly available sensor data in the local area.

In addition, the App will calculate Short-Term and Long-Term exposure levels which give a true indication of exposure to pollutants.

If needed, the App can manually control the Air Purifier unit, overriding the automatic control, to adjust fan speed, control the Hydroxyl emitters and turn the unit on or off.

The app is available in iOS, Android and WeChat (Chinese).


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