Testing has shown a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) kill rate of 99.93% after 90 mins,
with significant viricidal activity occurring within 30 minutes. Influenza A reduced by 90% after only 5 minutes

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Control What You Breathe with a Complete Treatment Solution

Filters Alone Are Not Enough

Most indoor air quality systems have a major limitation as they only filter the air which physically passes through their system, and potentially trapping harmful pollutants inside the box.

Dual Action Purification

The QiTek Group Indoor Air Quality System uses two methods of purification:

  • HEPA Filters and other specialised filters which remove contamination and fine particles from the air (such as PM2.5), and
  • Hydroxyl Radicals which are proven to be highly effective for both air and surfaces, destroying biological and chemical contaminants, including viruses, bacteria and odours.

Smart Sensors

Take control of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with smart, internet enabled sensors that indicate when the indoor air is degraded. Sensors pair easily with ourAir Purifier units, to automatically monitor and manage Indoor Air Quality.

Sensors can be used standalone, paired with a single Air Purifier, or as part of a fleet of devices managing air quality across a building or whole campus.

Short and Long-Term Exposure

In addition, the system shows what you are breathing, how much of it you have ingested and by monitoring the air over time, it will calculate your Short and Long-term exposure risks. Short-Term exposure may cause temporary symptoms, whereas Long-Term exposure can cause reduced lung function, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and a reduction in life expectancy.

Whole Room & Surface Decontamination

Room sanitation is typically performed by cleaning staff physically wiping surfaces with disinfectant products. This relies on constantly repeating actions with high accuracy. It comes with physical limitations of needing to be in the room, potentially interrupting workflow. While it may remove contaminants in the moment, it gives no protection in between cleaning rounds.

QiTek Air Purifiers use Hydroxyl radicals which provide constant purification of the room air and all of the exposed surfaces, removing airborne pathogens such as respiratory diseases and other bacteria that may contaminate and spread, providing a full 24/7 level of further protection.

Smart Indoor Air Quality Management

Our indoor air quality system has four essential elements, so you are protected from pollutants inside your buildings and homes:

  • Sensors that measure and record what is in the air
    • Purifiers that connect to the sensor and respond automatically
    •  Smartphone apps to measure your personal exposure over time
    •  Cloud system that integrates everything, to manage and inform you about your short and long-term exposure risks

Once connected to the QiTek Group Cloud Services, a sensor and an Air Purifier combine to make a powerful closed loop system for air treatment. Our software algorithm considers not only the air quality parameters of the environment, but also weather, atmospheric pressure and externally measured air quality parameters.

Built on enterprise grade AWS servers, the cloud system can be easily scaled from managing a small, local installation through to a multi building campus, and can be integrated with existing building management systems.

Multi-mode Cleaning Cycles

Our cloud connected system can be adjusted to suit the needs of the target environment, particularly through critical recovery periods after a high-risk event such as a coronavirus. For example:

  • Deep clean mode is typically configured for over-night operation when areas are unoccupied
  • Maintenance mode is for regular day use
  • Pre-emptive mode, where the output is increased, prior to a known increase in activity

Director-general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, PhD, calls air pollution the “new tobacco.” Recent estimates show that simply breathing polluted air played a part in the deaths of over 8 million people worldwide, more than the number of deaths from tobacco

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QiTek encourages Distributors to engage in in-country manufacturing, as this can:

  • Create local employment
  • Reduce supply chain dependencies on imported products
  • Support local supply chains
  • Reduce shipping and import costs
  • Minimise the impact of currency fluctuations
  • Attract government support

QiTek supplies the core technology and the Distributor engages partners to perform fabrication and assembly.

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