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Take control of Indoor Air Quality with a smart, fully integrated system to actively remove contamination and purify your indoor environment.

  • Expandable Feature Set
  • Scalable Capacity
  • Segment-able Data Access
  • High Grade Communications Security and Data Protection
  • Rental option controlled by Smartphone app

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Once connected to the QiTek Cloud Services, a sensor and an Air Purifier unit combine to make a powerful closed loop system for air treatment. Our software algorithm considers not only the air quality parameters of your environment, but also weather, atmospheric pressure and externally measured air quality parameters. Over time, the software will learn the patterns of your Indoor Air Quality and will make corrections in advance of anticipated air quality issues. When a Distributor deploys QiTek Group products via their sales network, they have control over how the cloud data is displayed and who has access. It becomes a powerful management tool for monitoring and managing small networks, through to large enterprise systems, with remote control, performance and maintenance.


The QiTek Cloud Service primarily uses the AWS platform as this provides scalability, security and can be expanded rapidly.
QiTek make use of the AWS Remote Procedure Call (RPC) capability to issue commands to remote products. These can be used for control, maintenance or upgrade functions.
If needed the QiTek Cloud Service can also be implemented on AliCoud or other in-country cloud service providers.


QiTek has implemented an instance of ThingsBoard for device management and control, due to its scalability, flexibility and security. ThingsBoard is an open-source IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualisation, and device management. It allows you to create complex Rule Chains to process data from your devices and match your application specific use cases. A wide range of APIs are supported for porting data between building management or customer data systems.

QiTek uses the capabilities of ThingsBoard to enable:

  • Automatic implementation of air purifier cleaning modes, depending on time-of-day
  • Over the Air (OTA) software updates
  • Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) for remote device control
  • Integration of publicly available street side IAQ data

Air Purifiers

QiTek produce a range of smart, internet enabled air purifiers with Dual Action Purification; a filter to remove particulate matter from the air and Hydroxyl radical technology for treating pathogens, both airborne and on surfaces. When paired with a Qitek Sensor, it creates a fully integrated system to actively remove contamination and purify your indoor environment.

IAQ Sensors

QiTek produces a range of Indoor Air Quality Sensors which are configurable to suit the environment they are used in. Typically, we offer:

Sensor Pack A

Sensor Pack B

PM 2.5
PM 10
Carbon Dioxide
Barometric Pressure
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide

Other air quality parameters can be added by request.

The sensor will display current readings of overall Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), plus individual parameters. Recent history plus upcoming weather conditions can also be accessed. Data from the sensor can also be displayed along with other local readings, allowing the user to compare their environment to that around them.
All of the air quality parameters can also be monitored easily via the Smartphone App.

Smartphone App

QiTek’s custom Smartphone App will display all of the information collected by any Qitek sensor and can easily switch between multiple sensors.

The App can also be used to pair a sensor with an Air Treatment Unit by simply scanning a QR code and entering the local Wi-Fi details.

The App can display live data from the sensor or show historical data and trends. It will show comparisons between what the sensor has recorded, and readings external to the building, showing the user how their indoor environment compares to the outside environment. The external readings are gathered from publicly available sensor data in the local area.

In addition, the App will calculate Short-Term and Long-Term exposure levels which give a true indication of exposure to pollutants.

If needed, the App can manually control the Air Purifier unit, overriding the automatic control, to adjust fan speed, control the Hydroxyl emitters and turn the unit on or off.

The app is available in iOS, Android and WeChat (Chinese).

Wristband Contact Tracker

SafeGuard is a low-cost device that can be deployed as part of the overall Track & Trace systems. The software is preinstalled, and simply requires User Registration via a simple Website interface, and user Wi-Fi set up via Bluetooth.

SafeGuard be deployed as a companion to the Smartphone App, or as a fully independent system, and while it can be configured to use the Smartphone mobile number as a reference point, it does not require the Smartphone or the App to operate. SafeGuard has its own independent ESN (Electronic Serial Number), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Publicly Available Street-side Data

QiTek makes us of publicly available outdoor air quality data to build a more complete picture of an individual’s exposure to pollutants. APIs access the data and combine it with QiTek sensor Indoor Air Quality data to calculate combined Short-Term and Long-term exposure levels


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