Intelligent Indoor Air Purifier Floor Unit (QT-Midi)

Take control of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with a smart, internet enabled air purifier with Dual Action Purification; a filter to remove particulate matter from the air and Hydroxyl radical technology for treating pathogens, both airborne and on surfaces. Dual, high output UV lamps plus a high-volume fan give this unit the highest coverage of any of our portable air purifiers. When paired with an optional Qitek Group Sensor, it creates a fully integrated system to actively remove contamination and purify your indoor environment.

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Hydroxyl Emitter

Contains 2 x 38W individually controllable UV tubes to generate Hydroxyl radicals which actively remove pathogens from the air and surfaces in your environment.

Particulate Filter

Contains 2 x HEPA filters for removal of particles including PM2.5. Each filter measures 490mm x 205mm.

Optional Filter Packs – Each MIDI Air Purifier can accommodate 2 x HEPA filters, plus one of the choices below:

  • Carbon – Contains 2 x Activated Carbon filters for removing smoke, fumes and odours
  • Chlorine Dioxide – Contains 2 x Chlorine Dioxide granule filters for high grade pathogen treatment

Variable Speed Fan

Comes with a three speed, high volume fan which can move up to 600m3 of air per hour.

Optional Speed Control:

  • Domestic Use – reduced, air output, quieter operation
  • Commercial Use – full output

 QiTek Smart Controller System (SCS)

The Qitek SCS controls air treatment elements and the operation of the Air Treatment Unit, including Fan speed, UV Lamp controls and Unit On/Off. The QiTek SCS can also integrate with optional Sensors and a Smartphone App via an enterprise grade cloud system, to form a complete Indoor Air Quality Management System.

* iOS version available Aug 2020
† 99% reduction in staphylococcus albus after 2 hours

Cloud System

Once connected to the QiTek Cloud Services, a sensor and an Air Purifier unit combine to make a powerful closed loop system for air treatment. Our software algorithm considers not only the air quality parameters of your environment, but also weather, atmospheric pressure and externally measured air quality parameters. Over time, the software will learn the patterns of your Indoor Air Quality and will make corrections in advance of anticipated air quality issues. When a Distributor deploys QiTek products via their sales network, they have control over how the cloud data is displayed and who has access. It becomes a powerful management tool for monitoring and managing small networks, through to large enterprise systems, with remote control, performance and maintenance.

Multi-mode Cleaning Cycles

Our cloud connected system can adjust the cleaning mode used to suit the needs of the target environment, particularly through critical recovery periods after a high-risk event such as a coronavirus. For example:

  • Deep clean mode is typically configured for over-night operation when areas are unoccupied
  • Maintenance mode is for regular day use
  • Pre-emptive mode, where the output is increased, prior to a known increase in activity

Smartphone App

An App is available for Android, iOS* and WeChat, which mirrors the controls on the Air Treatment Unit. When coupled with the QiTek Cloud System, the App can display Short and Long-Term exposure limits as well as accessing IAQ comparison data and forecasts.

Part Number


Cleaning Ability Virus

Influenza A Virus, (H3N2) Strain Hong Kong, RMK cell cultures saw Virus 99.99% reduction after 3 hours†. Tests for COVID-19 in progress, results pending.

Cleaning Ability Bacteria

83.4% reduction after 1 hour.

Cleaning Ability Particulate Matter

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter elements removal of particles ≥ 0.3um.

Cleaning Ability Formaldehyde

83.4% reduction after 1 hour.

Cleaning Ability Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC)

77.8% reduction after 1 hour.

Cleaning Technology

Proprietary UV lamp (2 x 38 Watt) with patented design for plasma and OH generation HEPA particle filter elements.
Chlorine Dioxide filter elements containing granules in a honeycomb grid.

User Serviceable

User removable cover gives access for cleaning or replacement of filter elements and UV lamps.


CPU ATMEGA2560 8-bit, Up to 16 MIPS Throughput at 16 MHz, 256K Bytes of In-System Self-Programmable Flash, 8K Bytes RAM, 4K Byte Internal SRAM.
Wireless connectivity 802.11 b/g/n.
Bluetooth: v4.0 BLE.
Security IEEE 802.11 standard security features are all supported, including WFA, WPA/WPA2 and WAPI Data protection bits.


400 – 600m3 Subject to room design and airflow.


30 – 55dBA



Power Supply

220VAC, 50Hz

Power Consumption


Customisation (bulk orders)

Case branding and case colour.



Lifetime Hydroxyl Emitter

2 years with typical use.

Lifetime Chlorine Dioxide Filter Element

3 – 6 months with typical use.

Lifetime Particulate Filter Element

3 – 6 months with typical use.

Case Material

Mild steel, powder coated.


H 806mm x W 550mm x D 350mm




Instruction Manual


2 years ***

** Pending

*** Excludes filter elements and UV tubes


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