Intelligent Indoor Air Quality Wall Sensor (QT-SENS)

Take control of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with a smart, internet enabled sensor that indicates when the indoor air is degraded. When paired with a Qitek Air Purifier, it creates a fully integrated system to actively remove contamination and purify your indoor environment.

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Qitek IAQ Management System

The Qitek sensors are an integral part of the complete Qitek system and integrate with Qitek’s Cloud Services on Amazon Web Services or another in-country cloud solution.

The Qitek software is a cloud-based learning system that fully integrates IAQ management with “big data” cloud services. Readings from the indoor environment, locally and regionally are compared to the known Outdoor Air Quality indices and other related IAQ performance data.


A range of internal sensor packs are available to suit customer requirements. Options include Ammonia, Barometric Pressure, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Formaldehyde, Humidity, PM10, PM2.5, Temperature and Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC). See Specifications for options. Other Sensors are available on request.

* iOS version available Aug 2020

User Adjustable

The Qitek IAQ sensors feature a unique user adjustable sensitivity, accessed via front panel buttons or the Smartphone App. This enables personal sensitivity settings to influence the automatic management. This is useful for quickly treating contaminants which cause discomfort to people with heightened sensitivity.

Smartphone App

An App is available for Android and iOS* which enables detailed control of the sensor and the Air Treatment Filter (if used). The App can also be used to access IAQ comparison data and forecasts.

Simple Setup via Smartphone App

A quick scan of a QR code on the sensor screen is all that’s required to get the sensor communicating with the App.

Air Purifier Control

QiTek sensors integrate with the cloud service to automatically monitor and control the air treatment elements and the operation of a Qitek Air Purifier, including Fan speed, Hydroxyl Lamp controls and Unit On/Off.

Part Number



CPU: ATmega2560-16AU – 8-bit AVR Microcontroller
Wireless connectivity 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth: v4 BLE


Fast cryptography support for AES and DES
Electronic Serial number and unique 20 bit Security Token based on AWS Server, set at manufacture
Updatable (via AWS) tokens
1AWS – Advanced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for IoT

Sensor Pack A

PM 2.5
PM 10
Carbon Dioxide

Sensor Pack B

Barometric Pressure
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide

Screen Size

4.3” (480 x 272) or 3.2” (400 x 240)

Screen Colours

64K 65,536 colours


Up to 20m3.

Touch Screen


Sensor Mounting Method

Supplied with wall mount kit and screws

Power Supply

Screen branding, case branding, case colour, sensor packs


2 years



Lifetime - LCD

> 30,000 hours

Lifetime - Sensors

> 2 Years (subject to conditions)

Sensors - User Serviceable

Sensors are user serviceable and can be cleaned or replaced. User removable cover to access sensors.

Case Material

Aluminium and ABS plastic


H 245mm x W 130mm x D 150mm


250 grams


Instruction Manual, Wall bracket with screws, 110 – 240V to 12V DC Plug pack (optional)

Product - 1 x pc in packaging

H 255mm x W 140mm x D 160mm, 1.8kg

Inner Carton - 10 x pcs

H 175mm x W 225mm x D 195mm – 4kg

Shipper Carton - 40 x pcs

H 360mm x W 450mm x D 205mm – 17kg


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